Monday, November 8, 2010

Guest Blogger - Helen Thomas

Bringing the outdoors in

Who else found Taryn’s photos soothing in her recent posts and breathe out, nature walk, and a simple time? I thought they were not only beautiful photographs, but they also captured the essence of nature and the revitalising power it has.

There are so many (usually expensive) products claiming to boost and enhance your energy, but one of the best – and cheapest – ways to revitalise and recharge your energy is to get outdoors. And, it can be fun! It naturally grounds your energy, helps wash away stress and worries, and can renew your energy and outlook.
Next time you head outside, begin to notice how still it is, how quiet and peaceful. Then try and match your energy to that state. Obviously, the more frequent and longer you can spend enjoying that, the bigger impact it will have.

As wonderful as it would be to while away a weekend (or longer) outdoors, I’m also a realist. It’s increasingly difficult to find time for anything with the end of the year fast approaching. It just seems to get busier as we try to cram even more into an already over-packed schedule. So, start small. A little is much better than none. Try working nature into your existing schedule. For example, enjoy your morning coffee in the backyard, eat your lunch in a park, or maybe just buy an indoor plant to enjoy in your living room.

If nothing else, revisiting photos such as Taryn’s will help instill that sense of calm and tranquility, helping you bring the outdoors, in.

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Mrs Button said...

This is so true and exactly where I am at, at the minute. Thanks for the reminder. Lisa x

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