Monday, August 24, 2009

I wish I lived in Wonderland

"I wish I lived in Wonderland" by Rose Skinner

I don't quite know where to start.

You've heard me talk about the Ipswich Art Gallery before.
More specifically the "I wish I lived in Wonderland" exhibition.

I get so excited when given the opportunity to tell
people about how wonderful Ipswich is. And it's no surprise
that the Ipswich Art Gallery feature's regularly in my
conversation with friends, when I tell them about Ipswich.

Well, the Art Galleries "I wish I lived in Wonderland" exhibition runs until
1st November 2009.

The exhibit is designed for children and adults to appreciate.
With many activities scheduled to run over the coming months.

One I would like to talk to you about today is very special!

For those Liana Kabel fans out there, the Ipswich Art Gallery
will be holding 2 jewellery making work shops with Artist Liana Kabel.
One for children and the other for adults.

Liana's jewellery creations are the perfect compliment to the
"I wished I lived in Wonderland" exhibit.

Taking inspiration from the exhibit you will be
encouraged to create your own jewellery.
Materials are supplied, and you will have the
opportunity to learn direct from the master, Liana.

My daughter Rose and I will be attending both.
I can't wait to meet Liana and see what fabulous designs we can come up with.

Below are some of Liana Kabel's jewellery creations.

Liana Kabels Pied Piper Necklace

Liana Kabels Lollie Pop Stick Pins

Bookings for the workshops are essential. If you would like more information or would
like to make a booking. Click here - If it looks like a lollie, I like it!

To visit Liana Kabel's website go to

or go to Liana's Etsy store.

I will keep you posted as more exciting activities come up.

Hope I can see some of you at the workshops Saturday 29th August.


Beach Vintage said...

Beautiful stuff. Love it all.

Kylie B said...

Oh wow looks beautiful!

Sally said...

I love Ipswich Art Gallery too!
Great post - I had no idea this show was on.

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